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Monday, 14 July 2014

Track J - Teaching and Learning with Experimental Economics - Marie Wong (BS)


The session on using experiments for teaching and learning of students at Economics and International Development was presented by Dr Marie Wong. Marie and her team took very innovative approach to teach complex economic concepts using games and experiments. This new way of teaching aims not only to help students understand economic better by actively participating in the project but also improve their employability by building a personal profile of participants.

Traditional methods of teaching are regarded by students as boring and not engaging, which results in poor attendance and participation. Therefore, new approach is being adopted to create environment of collaboration, fun and challenge while collating the data about students and their behaviors at the same time. This not only can be used to improve student’s self-awareness and illustrate their learning journey but importantly is it used for a research and marketing purposes.

Marie explained how building paper aeroplanes during teaching sessions introduces students to concepts such as:

 --> Diminishing Marginal Returns
 --> Long term production function
 --> Error learning process in the long run

Students have also access to online materials ( to further enhance their learning experience. Although this approach is fairly new and hasn't been evaluated yet, it has been positively received by students. The question and answer session resulted in some interesting discussion on whether it can be developed further by allowing the students to create their own experiments and focus on even more complex economic subjects. It also raised the question about linking the attributes measured during the process to particular employability skills required by economic graduates.

Report by Luiza Dantas, Academic Developer, Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement

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